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We help organisations and individuals to realise their potential and deliver improvements in leadership and business performance.


GAP Performance has a team of experienced coaches, all passionate about applying positive psychology and neuroscience to help individuals achieve their goals, become highly effective, and to make positive and sustained behavioural change.

Executive Coaching

GAP Performance work with leaders and managers in one-to-one coaching sessions to improve their performance, help them achieve specific personal and business goals, and support them in making behavioural change. We use 360° feedback tools, the latest theories in neuroscience and a wide range of psychometrics including the cutting edge strengths-based tools Strengthscope® and StrengthscopeLeader™ as part of the process.

We typically work with clients over a series of 6 sessions to achieve their coaching goals and embed new habits and practices.

Career Coaching

This is an opportunity for the individual to assess their strengths, review where they are, identify where they want to get to, and then determine how to achieve their career goals. We use strengths-based tools, psychometrics and other diagnostic techniques to help support the coaching and increase self-awareness. We work with individuals to clarify their thinking, decide on their goals and develop an action plan to achieve their desired outcomes.

Team Coaching

We work with a wide range of teams at all levels, including senior leadership, departmental and specific project teams to help them achieve peak performance, in the shortest possible timescales. We use coaching, facilitation, observation and group diagnostic tools to measure team effectiveness and develop a progressive action plan. We support the team throughout the development stages and provide coaching to help them optimise their performance and achieve success.

Coaching Skills

As expert coaches ourselves, we work with leaders to develop their key coaching skills and techniques so that coaching becomes part of their leadership style and company culture.


We work with teams in a wide range of organisations and at all levels including executive boards, senior leadership teams, departmental teams and specific project teams. We help them become a high performing team and in the shortest possible timescales. We use coaching, facilitation, observation and team diagnostic tools to measure team effectiveness and develop team action plans. We support the team throughout the development stages and provide expert coaching to help them achieve peak performance.

Team Coaching
Our team coaching helps teams understand their strengths and performance risks, and provides the specific development required for them to succeed and perform at their best. We work with clients to build and implement a team action plan designed to achieve the outcomes and behaviour change they desire.
Team Building

Designed to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, GAP Performance Team Building workshops help teams to improve their collaboration and communication. We work closely with team leaders and individuals to motivate participants to align around goals, to build effective working relationships and to find solutions to team problems.


GAP Performance works with clients to assist in the planning and implementation of organisation-wide culture change and improvements in business results.

We are experienced in organisational strategic thinking, the facilitation of strategic meetings and kick-off events, and the development of company values.

Employee Engagement

When employees are engaged with their work, they are more fulfilled, more productive and more motivated. Increased employee engagement levels lead to increased performance and increased profits.

We combine OD expertise with an understanding of HR and the psychology of individuals in the workplace. We use the Strengths Engagement Index™ (SEI™) to establish a benchmark at a specific point in time and then we work with the business to develop an action plan to improve employee engagement.

Talent Management
We work with organisations to design and implement effective processes to manage anticipated human capital requirements and the planning required to meet those needs, from recruitment and retention to development, performance and reward, and always with our client’s business strategy firmly in mind.


GAP Performance work with individuals and teams to help them accelerate their growth, become more agile and deliver improvements in leadership and business performance. We generate insights for people and teams about their strengths and performance risks, as well as providing the specific development tools and techniques required for successful performance. We work with clients to build and implement a plan to achieve the outcomes and behaviour change they desire, developing bespoke leadership development programmes.

Leadership Development Programmes

We design bespoke leadership development programmes utilising the latest thinking in psychology and neuroscience to meet the needs of your business. These are usually modular and will be tailored to cover topics to enhance the understanding and skill-sets of your emerging talent or existing leadership teams. We work with a wide range of businesses from large global companies to SMEs, and have designed award-winning programmes across industries ranging from engineering and construction to retail and pharmaceutical.

Skills Training
GAP Performance recognise that the best way to learn and to improve capability and performance is to practice new skills and habits in a positive environment. We advocate the use of a strengths-based approach and with our up-to-date understanding of neuroscience and the benefits of brain-friendly learning, all our training programmes are based on these beliefs. We don’t believe in standard programmes and we tailor all our training programmes whether around interview skills, facilitation, influencing, presentation, developing emotional intelligence, or improving resilience to meet the specific and varying needs of the individuals and their organisations.


We would be delighted to discuss your specific needs or provide more information on any of the services we provide.

Award winning leadership development programme


GAP Performance designed and delivered an award winning leadership development programme for us which achieved outstandingly positive feedback. Their approach was very business focused and tackled behavioural issues which brought about a deep rooted culture change.

-Construction and Engineering Company


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