GAP Performance moved ‘home’ just over 2 years ago when we were fortunate enough to relocate directly from a comfortable office in Warwickshire straight into our fab and friendly Brighton office in a creative business community we share with lots of other lovely organisations.

Moving can be unsettling for anyone but leaving home altogether with nowhere to go can be traumatic. One of the most troubling facts we have learned since moving to Brighton is that many of those living on the streets have been homeless from a young age. The majority of young people become homeless because relationships break down with their family, friends or partner and this is often intertwined with other causes, such as substance misuse and mental health issues. When young people find themselves homeless this can have a hugely negative impact on their economic and psychological wellbeing and their physical and emotional health too. 

GAP Performance believe in providing support, coaching and training for our clients to grow, to develop their self-awareness, to reach their potential and to be passionate about what they do. So you might understand why we endeavour to uphold these core principles outside the business too. Indeed just recently Julie Pelych, our Managing Director, who is inherently passionate about education and the need to provide learning and training for everyone, took on a voluntary additional role supporting a local school as its Chair of Governors. 

And therefore, whilst reflecting on our moving anniversary we decided to look for a local charity that supports the homeless and, in particular, young people and discovered The Clock Tower Sanctuary. This is a local organisation whose core mission is to prevent the homeless young people of today from becoming the homeless adults of tomorrow. They do this by providing the tailored support needed to transform the lives of young people by delivering outreach, crisis management, life skills training, 1:1 assistance to help them reach their potential, and also to provide a little fun. 

Instead of sending Christmas Cards this year, GAP Performance will be making a charitable donation to this worthy cause, with our very best wishes to all the volunteers and those they support. 


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